How Does Property Styling with Majestic Home Styling work?

Property Styling is different to Interior Design. When you engage Majestic Home Styling to design a styling package for your home, you are engaging professional stylists who are knowledgeable and experienced in Real Estate and know how to bring out a property’s full potential.

You are engaging the stylists to present your home with quality furnishings and décor that will help your property reach its premium selling price. We take care of styling all the décor and furniture based on your unique property, to accentuate it’s best features and increase its appeal.

 Why have my property styled?

  • Did you know that only 5% of potential buyers can visualise a vacant room and see the full potential of a space? Meaning a HUGE 95% of potential buyers are unable to imagine the amazing possibilities your property has to offer
  • 95% of People Cannot Envision Furniture in an Empty Room
  • Staged Homes on Average Sell 70% Faster Than Un-Staged Homes
  • Staging Puts Money in Your Pocket
  • Staged Homes Photograph Better
  • Staging Draws Attention Away From Any Flaws & Focuses Buyers’ attention on the Architectural & Selling Features of the Home Instead
  • Staging Creates a Lifestyle That Appeals to the Home’s Target Demographic of Buyers
  • Staged Homes Sell Faster in Slow Markets & for More Money in Hot Markets

Property Investors answer:  If you have purchased an investment property and it hasn’t worked out for you, simply speaking, you purchased a lemon!  The quicker you sell that property, the sooner you stop losing money on mortgage payments.  I speak with many property investors that have made errors in purchasing due to not having the property investing knowledge, and they are financially bleeding and losing sleep at night.  Staging the property will give you a quick sale, and you can move on to bigger and better things in your life without of the property holding you back.

Where do you service?2017-10-02T05:15:08+11:00

25km from the Melbourne CBD. Contact us to find out if we can be of service to you.

Our home has been on the market for some time, and our agent has suggested we have it staged. How do we know if staging will help with the sale?2017-10-18T12:25:29+11:00

A new marketing campaign will bring new interest to your property.

You need to look at your property from the buyer’s view point and take away the emotional attachment you have to your property and the memories you are keeping.

Do your research!  What are other properties in your area selling for?

What do they have that your property doesn’t?

The biggest thing which makes a property lack appeal, is paint colour and the furniture that is in it.

A few simple maintenance jobs, maybe a fresh coat of paint and a new fresh look with stunning décor can make all the difference.

How long before I sell my property should I engage Majestic Home Styling?2017-10-02T05:13:13+11:00

We would recommend at least 2-3 weeks between quoting and installation time.

Are you insured?2017-10-02T05:12:45+11:00

We have full insurance for all of our furniture for the entirety of your campaign.

What are the payment terms?2017-10-18T12:26:13+11:00

A deposit is required to hold your booking, and the balance is due three (3) days prior to installation.

Can I use some of my own furniture?2017-10-18T12:26:42+11:00

To achieve maximum impact, we request that your furniture is placed into storage for the selling campaign. If you are still living in the house and have furniture that will appeal to the majority of buyers, then we can work with some of your pieces of furniture. For occupied homes, the furniture would be assessed at the properties viewing by the stylist.

Will Improvements increase the value of my property?2017-10-02T05:06:46+11:00

Small, inexpensive changes can have quite a dramatic effect and therefore should be explored. A property stylist will be able to advise on what can be done, what needs to be done and keep and what’s going to give you the best return of investment.

How much does property styling cost?2017-10-18T12:28:55+11:00

Price is dependent on property size/amount of living spaces. We are all about return on investment. On average sale prices of properties styled by Majestic Home Styling sell can be up to for approx: $50,000++ more than vendor reserve. This would depend on the individual property and the vendor has completing all task to present the property at it’s best. Our service prices can vary anywhere between $2195 and $30,000 + depending on, your property’s requirements and the package you have chosen and your budget.

Results prove time and time again; a well-presented property will attract more buyer interest, buyer inspections and ultimately a better contract price than a home that is not well presented.